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Answers to Common Questions

*Minimum Stay Policy:

1 & 2 Bedrooms - 3 Nights
3+ Bedrooms - 4 Nights

Peak Season
June, July and August -6 Nights minimum for all units
(Summer stays must be between Saturdays)

*Minimum stay policy is subject to change.

*Holiday weeks have their own minimum stay policy, which may differ from the above.

*Certain properties may require a longer stay than specified above, as requested by the private owner.

What is the difference between oceanfront and ocean view?

An ocean view condo or beach house is a rental unit that has a view of the ocean. The view may be from across the street (second row) or from your balcony that looks over the side of the building, rather than the front. An oceanfront rental unit is just how it sounds. You walk out onto your balcony or out the front door and you are looking directly at the beach.

What is "second row?"

Second row refers to a condo or beach house located across the street from the ocean. All second row units are considered ocean view.

What is departure maid service?

Departure maid service is the type of maid service who clean when you are away. You do not have to worry about heavily cleaning the unit/house before you leave. There are certain requirements we do ask of you, though, so please ask your reservationist.

Are linens included in the rental unit?

Linens for the beds are included, including sheets, pillow cases, blankets and comforters. We also provide washcloths, towels for the bathrooms, but not hand towels. We also do NOT provide beach towels.

Will I save money if I bring my own linens?

No — you may bring your own linens, but we cannot lower the rate if you choose to do so.

Are the units equipped with irons, ironing boards, hairdryers?

Not as a rule; however, some owners do leave one in their unit—to be safe, though, plan on bringing your own.

Which items are provided?

We get you started with trash bags, toilet paper, and one pack of dishwasher soap—but we do not replenish them during your stay. All guests either bring these things from home or shop at one of the many convenient supermarkets within a very short drive. We do not provide hand or dish soap.

Are BBQ grills provided?

Resorts may have a grill on the property, and some private beach homes have a grill provided. Please check the specific amenities listed for each rental.

Do you offer any military discounts?

Sorry, we do not offer any kind of military discounts at this time.

Can I have a trailor on the property?

Due to the tight space and low clearances in most condo parking garages, trailors are prohibited. Please check with us to see if a trailor is allowed on your rental property.

Do the units have internet access?

Please check the amenities listed on each rental for more information about wireless internet access and computer stations.

May I pay my final balance by credit card?

Yes! We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover for the deposit and the final balance. We also accept personal checks, bank checks, or money orders. No cash please!

How do I find your office?

All check-ins will take place at . If you are lost and traveling during open office hours, please stop and call us at 866-243-6111.

     Our Office Hours

  • Mon:    9am - 5pm
  • Tues:   9am - 5pm
  • Wed:    9am - 5pm
  • Thur:   9am - 5pm
  • Fri:      9am - 5pm
  • Sat:     9am - 5pm
  • Sun:     Closed

**Please note that all times listed are in EST. Also, hours may change due to holidays.

How wide is the beach?

Our beach is regarded as the widest on the East Coast!

Where can I rent beach chairs and umbrellas? What if I'm bringing a baby and need a crib or stroller?

Information will be posted soon.

When is high tide?

The time at which high tide occurs changes every day; it may be helpful to consult a tide chart while planning your day's activities.

How do I get my mail while I'm on vacation?

Anyone can have their mail directed to our main office for later pickup free of charge. Many renters staying for the winter will get a post office box.

General Delivery is also a great option for receiving mail. General Delivery is a service offered by USPS where mail can be held at a local post office for pickup instead of being delivered to a specific address. For more information, please call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

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