Why rent oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach?

Written By: Justin Urich
Last Updated: April 11th, 2022

South Wind on the Ocean Balcony

South Wind 701 OceanFRONT Balcony View

It’s vacation planning time, and you already know where you’re going. The fine, sandy beaches, world-class golf courses and Calabash-style seafood of Myrtle Beach have been calling your name for months. The only thing left to do is decide where you’re going to stay. The best choice? A Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo!

If you’ll be to Myrtle Beach before for more than a night or two, you probably already know you want to stay in a condo. Once you get used to eating breakfast in your own full kitchen every morning and slipping off to your own bedroom for some private time after a long walk on the beach or a soak in the hot tub, it’s a little hard to get back into the habit of cramming everybody into a hotel room.

But there are a lot of condos in Myrtle Beach. Golf course condos. Ocean view condos. Oceanfront condos. Narrowing them down might seem like too much work right now, but when you get here, the type of condo you picked when you didn’t think it really mattered much will make a big difference in how much of your precious vacation time you are really able to enjoy.

You already know that all condos have full kitchens, living areas and balconies. Efficiency units are available and are perfect for singles or couples without children, but units are available with as many as five bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. Some units have jacuzzi bathtubs, dishwashers and their own washers and dryers.

The key difference in condos is the view. Some very nice condos have views of the street or the parking lot or even the balconies of the condos across the street. That’s fine if you don’t plan on being in your room during the day and you’re going to fall into bed at night without even opening the drapes. But let’s admit what everybody knows: At Myrtle Beach, the Atlantic Ocean is the star of the show, so a Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo is you ONLY bet on the perfect view up and down the coast.

If you have to leave your room and walk around the building to see the water, then you’re missing out on a lot of what you paid for in the first place. The same goes for having to sit sideways or crane your neck to get a glimpse of the waves from an “ocean view” unit.

Ocean View Condo Rental

Not Directly on the Ocean - But still a beautiful oceanview condo at Royale Palms 2405

Oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach, on the other hand, give you exactly what you came for, 24 hours a day, throughout your entire stay. Oceanfront condos face directly into the ocean with nothing but the beach and perhaps a cool blue swimming pool between you and the Atlantic. All you have to do is open the drapes and you are right on the ocean. People pay a premium to dine in a restaurant with a direct view of the water, but you can have every meal at the best table in the house, even if you’re only eating a Pop-tart or take-out pizza.

Oceanfront condos are really perfect for getting the most out of a beach vacation. Elderly or handicapped guests who have a hard time making it out to the sand can enjoy the sun and surf just by going out onto the balcony. With an oceanfront unit, the sights, sounds and smells of the beach are all yours every day, and nothing on earth can compare to watching the sun rise over the Atlantic from your own balcony.

Some of the oceanfront condos we offer are: Atlantica, Bay View on the Boardwalk, Camelot, Club Regency at Regency Towers, Grand Atlantic, Oceans One, South Wind on the Ocean and PLENTY more.