Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals for Summer 2012

Written By: Justin Urich
Last Updated: April 11th, 2022

Times, they are a changin’.   With the eruption of travel websites dedicated to condo rentals and vacation rentals (both in Myrtle Beach and the rest of the world), sometimes the choices can be a bit overwhelming! Do you need an oceanfront unit or an ocean view unit? What kind of internet access is provided?  Are there extra fees for linens, and what is the sales tax for the area?  If you haven’t been to Myrtle Beach on vacation before, then the terminology might be a bit different than if you vacationed in Daytona Beach or California.  Hopefully, though,  this little blog will help a bit in explaining the best way to pick out a great condo rental for summer 2012.

Which Floor of the Condo Building Do You Like?

Myrtle Beach Condos 2012

High Floors Give You Amazing Views, but… it’s a long way down! This one is only midway up.

Everyone has their own preferences, and with the recent real estate crash, there haven’t been any new buildings constructed for summer 2012. BUT there are still plenty, and we do mean PLENTY, of great rentals to choose from. Some like to stay on the top floor for the amazing view, but others like the lower floors to have faster access to the parking garages or amenities.  Most oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach, SC are high-rises of at least 10 floors with the parking garage under the building consisting of the first few floors. We have one guest that stays with us that always gets the lowest floor, not because they are scared of heights, but because they can park on the floor directly below them and then just walk up one flight of stairs and skip the elevators if there is a queue.  Something to think about!

Oceanfront or Ocean View?

Ocean View Condo Rental in Myrtle Beach

This may be an extreme example, but this condo DOES have an ocean view.

A common question we are asked is what is the difference in oceanfront and ocean view.  Of course, you should have already noticed the price difference, but why?  Well, a oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach means the condo unit is directly in front of the ocean, parallel to the shore.  This gives you an unobstructed view of the ocean, up and down the coast.  This is the “prime real estate” as they say, which is what costs more.  Ocean view units may be located on the side of a building or even across the street from the ocean.  You STILL get a view of the ocean, but you may only see one part of it.There are some nice ocean view units out there though that have an amazing view of the ocean, so be sure to check out the pictures of each individual unit so you can see which view it DOES have!

Always Look at Unit Photos on the Website

Research at Rental In Myrtle Beach

Do your research and look at the unit photos.

C’mon. It’s 2012. Every reputable rental company, us included, should have photos of every unit they have on their program; so be sure you look at them before making your decision. You’ll be surprised, lots of Myrtle Beach condo rentals are decorated differently since they are individually owned and then managed by vacation rental management companies.  (And trust us, the condos with homeowners who go the extra mile to decorate it nicely are ones that are the hardest to get. They are usually booked up ASAP!)

Are You an Ocean or Pool person?

Why do we ask?  Well, depending on the resort, the pool area can be quite crowded in the summer time, so maybe your relaxing “swim” or lazy river laziness could be interrupted.   So if you are going to skip the ocean (yea we know, the seaweed brushing against your leg can give anyone the willies), make sure you pick a resort that has a large enough outdoor pool or MULTIPLE pools, just in case you want to stretch your “pool legs.”  (That was a pun on “Sea Legs” if you didn’t notice. :))

To Linen or not to Linen

Something else to look out for is linens, not just for rentals in 2012, but any time really.  Rental companies (or even individuals renting their condos) in Myrtle Beach have the choice to include linens in their rentals or not. Now linens mean different things to different companies, some just include bed sheets and no towels, or maybe they include all linens. We do include all linens in their final price, everything except kitchen towels; we also provide starters of soap and toilet paper, but it’s up to the renter to maintain that stock once they run out. It’s not like a hotel. We offer one departure maid service, so you are responsible for all the upkeep of the unit while you are there. You know, kind of like a home away from home!