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Myrtle Beach Winter Monthly Rentals

Looking to vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC during the winter months? We've created a great resource for finding information about condo rentals, upcoming winter activities and getting access to the latest accommodations deals & discounts.

Our winter accommodations rent monthly from October to March! Take a peek at what we have below or browse our full selection of condos available.

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We have 114 properties available in .

Condos are available for monthly rentals from October to March.
Not all condos available for monthly rentals. Restrictions apply on October and March rentals. Prices before taxes and fees.

Winter Deals
Local business owners encourage winter visitors—which means great savings for you! Many rates and prices are discounted dramatically from summer prices. Our Myrtle Beach winter condos are often 50% off or more during the winter, for the same condo with the same great amenities!

Myrtle Beach Winter Temperatures
OctoberHigh76°F Low 50°F  Water 72°F
November High68°F  Low42°F  Water 60°F
December High59°F  Low35°F  Water 50°F
January High56°F  Low 33°F  Water 51°F
February High59°F  Low 34°F  Water 51°F

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