‘It’s Raining in Myrtle Beach!?!’ The TOP Weather-Proof Activities/Attractions

Written By: Justin Urich
Last Updated: April 11th, 2022

Rainy Day Attractions in North Myrtle Beach

So you made the trip to Myrtle Beach, did ya?  You had a nice relaxing night’s sleep after your long car or plane journey. You and your family are ready to face the day, hit the beach and lay out to work on your tan.  You open the curtains to your oceanfront balcony 10 stories up and you see something…. something you don’t want to see at all….  RAIN!!!

Nothing ruins a beach day like rain.  Of course, during the summer, the Myrtle Beach rain is actually pretty warm, but even so, you could do without it, right?  Well never fear! There is still LOADS of indoor activities in Myrtle Beach when the sky is less than sunny.  Without further adeiu,  here are the top things to do in Myrtle Beach when it’s raining.

Myrtle Beach Rainy Day Activities

Ripley’s Aquarium: One of most amazing aquarium’s around, Ripley’s is South Carolina’s most visited attraction. Come see what all the talk is about! It is usually quite chilly inside though, so if you are drenched from the rain, you may want to deter to something else.  BUT it is usually less busy what it is raining as well because less people are outside at Broadway at the Beach!

Pirate’s Voyage: Enjoy a four course feast as you watch Crimson and Sapphire pirates battle each other for treasure. A great dinner and show that the whole family will love!

Medieval Times: Knights battle for the hand of the princess during your feast! One of the most popular dinner shows in the U.S.!

Medieval Times

Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach is a fun rainy “knight” activity.

Broadway At The Beach: Leave the kids at the condo and hit Broadway at the Beach for a little clubbing and night life. Broadway has many great clubs and bars to offer such as Blarney Stone’s Pub, Senor Frogs, and Revolutions. You can save the shopping for some other time.

Palace Theater:  Palace Theater! Known for their LE GRAND CIRQUE ADRENALINE  and HOORAY FOR HOLLWOOD shows.

Coastal Grand Mall: Not only does this mall offer plenty of shopping and food, it also is host Carmike Cinema, a new movie theater and great place to catch a new flick!

Gym: Need to pump some iron while you’re in Myrtle Beach? No problem. Gold’s Gym is the place to go! Open 24 hours during the week!


North Myrtle Beach Rainy Day Activities

NMB Bowling:  A great spot in North Myrtle Beach, NMB Bowling Center is a great place to spend some free time and put your bowling skills to the test. It’s not the fanciest bowling center in the area, but it’s still quite nice. It is also open until 1am or later for you late night cosmic bowlers.

B&B Antiques:B&B Antique Mall is definitely worth visiting. It has been voted number 1 on the Grand Strand 2 years in a row! Not only do they sell antiques, they offer wicker furniture, a country store, and a fudge kitchen. It’s a huge space so you can get lost in there for a while. Great way to pass the time in the rain.

A Show at The House of Blues

Stay out of the rain at the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater!

Murder Myster Dinner Theater:  You are having a nice dinner and BAM, you are dropped into the middle of a “murder investigation”. A spectacular mix of professional dinner theatre, audience participation, and comedy. All at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach.

Everything Under the Sun Flea Market:  There is also a new flea market that opened late 2011 that you can check out.

Alabama Theatre: I am sure you have seen the advertisements for ONE The Show. Well now is your chance to see it!

Carmike Cinema NMB: Located in the Myrtle Beach Mall off of highway 17, Carmike Colonial 12 is a newly remodeled cinema where it is always movie time. Bring the family and grab a bag of popcorn and drink on the way in to your movie!


“But, I don’t like ANY of those suggestions!”  Well, you can always just stay in your condo, order a pizza or Chinese food for delivery and spend the night in! Most of our condos have DVD players, you can always hit up the local RedBox (MB | NMB) locations.