One Word for the Pirates Voyage Christmas Show – “GO!!”

Written By: Justin Urich
Last Updated: December 14th, 2023

This one and a half hour Christmas EXTRAVAGANZA is not to be missed!  If you have kids, it is a double “don’t miss”.

The Christmas show was formulated to include favorite aspects from the former Christmas show at this location, when the venue was the beloved Dixie Stampede – and mix in pirate elements from the new show.  After entering the venue, you will be guided to Pirates Village, by way of the Gift Shop – pick up your pirate booty souvenirs including shifts, stuffed animals, jewelry, pirate’s gold and much more.  Prices are not outrageous, as souvenir shops go.

If you are so inclined, arrive before the time on your tickets and be treated to a pre-show event in Pirates Village.   Seating is open and you may sit either on the main floor level or in an overhead balcony area (a bar is located on each floor). Three strolling musicians/bucaneers will entertain you with Christmas-themed, as well as other, pirate songs.  Most of the show is inter-active.  It is high energy and entertaining and is about an hour long.

In Pirates Village children can be made over to be pirates for a fee.  Adults can partake of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.  Selection is limited and pirate themed.  The frozen drinks are spectacular…I have heard (wink).  The non-alcoholic drinks can have a shot of rum added to them and there is a wide variety of other non-alcoholic choices – as well as a variety of bottled beer.  Popcorn and pretzels are also sold.

Seating is assigned in the theatre.  Signage is quite good (depending on how many drinks you have had in Pirates Village) and locating your seat is fairly easy. The main show area is upstairs from the main floor of Pirates Village,  same floor as the upstairs Pirates Village seating.

I attended the 6:00 PM show as I am not a fan of late dining.  The standard meal of garlic biscuit, soup (very good and sold in the gift shop), half a chicken, mashed potatoes and a mini corn on the cob was served, along with an apple turnover for dessert. Beverage choice is pepsi or sweet tea – or patrons may order drinks from  the bar.   Take home bags are handed out after the meal, along with a hot, wet towel for hand wiping.

Having seen both the regular show and the Christmas show, I felt the Christmas show was outstanding.  It is primarily based on the Scrooge theme – with Scrooge visiting the Captain several times to warn him to mend his ways.

A variety of animals take center stage at various points of the show.  The climax to the show is a very touching and emotional segment revolving around the birth of Jesus.

The special effects, lighting and decorations related to the show are excellent.  This is on par with a better cruise ship show, for those who are familiar with shipboard entertainment.

The hour and a half entertainment is just right – not too long and not too short.  Epecially important when wee ones are along. I highly recommend the Pirates Voyage Christmas show to anyone.  There are religious overtones but this is not a HOLIDAY show – it is a Christmas show.  It is extremely tasteful and suitable for all.  Ticket prices for adults begin at $48.28 and children $24.30 – which are inclusive of taxes. Enjoy pirate debachery and experience the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season – this isn’t your average Christmas show – it is fun, fabulous and will having you uttering ARRRRGH!  Come aboard mateys, and see the only pirate-based Christmas show on the beach.