Taking Kids to the Beach? Pack These 7 Things

Written By: Justin Urich
Last Updated: April 11th, 2022

Water, Sun, and Sand = Happy Children!

Though there are plenty of fun things to do outside of the beach, the ocean is really why you came to Myrtle Beach! You’ll be spending plenty of time out in the sand and sun with your kids during your stay, and since you don’t want to be traipsing back and forth between the beach and your condo, make sure to pack everything you’ll need for your day in the sun. These 7 things are on my must-have list.

1. Drinks

Playing on the beach in the hot sun will make you and your kids thirsty in short order, so pack some beverages. If you’d like to reduce your environmental footprint, choose reusable bottles and fill them with water, tea, or juice. To help keep water bottles cool, fill them with ice cubes and then add water.

These claw-type shovels are great for young kids.

2. Toys (but not too many)

If you tote along 8 buckets and 10 digging implements, you’re going to have a hard time keeping track of them all. Bring a few sturdy buckets and shovels, and you should be equipped to make all sorts of great sand creations.

Tip: Don’t be tempted to use a plastic grocery bag to carry toys or snacks to the beach, as empty bags will blow away in the wind. Use a heavy canvas bag instead.

3. Snacks

You really won’t want to have to run back up to your condo if someone gets hungry, so bring food! Finger foods like crackers, grapes, beef jerky (for kids old enough to handle it), and string cheese work great. Shy away from sticky foods like fruit leather, because once they’re dropped in the sand (which kids have been known to do!), they’ll be thoroughly coated and quite inedible.

4. Towels

Even in the heat of summer, children sometimes get cold if they’re wet, so you’ll want some towels. They also serve to make the sand more comfy to lay on, and are helpful for covering up sleeping babies or toddlers.

5. Shade

The sun is great, but you’ll want a break from it at some point, especially if any of your little ones fall asleep and need a cool place to nap. A canopy will also help to keep your food cool.

Our favorite type of shade canopy is all one piece and has a metal scissor frame. It sets up in a jiffy, requires no pole assembly, is easy to anchor in the sand, and provides ample shade.

Beautiful North Myrtle Beach

6. Sunscreen

Though you’ll certainly slather it on before you head to the beach, you’ll be needing to reapply it throughout the day, so throw a bottle in your beach bag.

Nothing ruins a beach vacation like getting painfully sunburnt, so be faithful about reapplication, especially if your kids are getting in and out of the ocean throughout the day.

7. A camera

You’re going to have plenty of cute moments with your kids on the beach, so don’t forget a camera. Pack it in a zippered plastic bag to keep it free of sand, and of course, make sure your hands are free of sand whenever you take it out.

Tip: If you do get sand on your camera, a small, unused paintbrush is perfect for cleaning sand out of the small crevices.

Getting out to the beach with kids in tow is a lot of work, but it’ll feel worth it when you see how much fun they’re having. Pack up and create some memories with your family!