Top 10: Must Pack Items for the Drive to Myrtle Beach with Kids

Written By: Justin Urich
Last Updated: April 11th, 2022

So, you’ve booked your condo and you’re heading to Myrtle Beach for a vacation. Woohoo! Sand and surf are so close, you can almost taste them.

Must Pack Items for Myrtle Beach

Must pack items for the drive to Myrtle Beach

But first, there’s the matter of the drive. Maybe you’re lucky enough to live super close to Myrtle Beach, but most of us have to spend some hours in the car to reach that heavenly destination.

And while that might not be difficult if all the vehicle occupants were adults, once you add children into the mix, even a short drive can seem sort of, um, loooong.


What things should you bring to make the drive easier? Here are my top ten must pack items for the drive to Myrtle Beach with kids:

1. Snacks

It’s a well-known fact that children cannot cry and eat at the same time, so bring food! To up the fun factor, buy some snacks that you don’t normally buy, and bring them out at intervals during the trip.

2. Drinks

You want to get to Myrtle Beach fast, right? So you really don’t want to have to stop for drinks. At the very least, bring a water bottle for everyone (Fill it with mostly ice and a little water, and it’ll stay cold.) Don’t go hog wild with the drinks, though, because that’ll significantly up your bathroom stops!

Kid playing game in car

Occupied kid equals happy Mom!

3. Games

Handheld gaming devices are great for kids (bring a Leapster if your children are young), and you can also get travel-sized versions of non-electronic games such as Simon or Hungry Hungry Hippos.  Mad Libs are also perfect for some slap-happy fun.

4. List of look-out-the-window games

These are great to play with the whole family. Some favorites in our van are Banana (When you see a yellow vehicle, yell out “Banana!”. The person with the most bananas wins.) and the classic alphabet game (Find words on signs that begin with the letters of the alphabet, from A-Z. The first person to reach Z wins.)

5. Favorite music

Sure, your children’s music might not be your top pick, but would you rather listen to their music or to them crying?

That’s what I thought.

Put the lullabies and corny children’s songs on your phone or MP3 player. You won’t regret it.

6. A lunch meal

Many families stop for lunch, but I prefer a short stop to let the kids run around. When their wiggles are out, you can strap them back in and feed them a packed lunch while you’re on the road. Eating is entertaining (see point #1), and it’ll help part of the drive to pass peacefully.

MONEY SAVING TIP: Another way to save a few bucks on the drive down to Myrtle Beach is by prepackaging meals and snacks. Be careful with what snacks you choose though, you definitely don’t want your little angels on sugar overload on the way down!

Drawing supplies

Markers and crayons make for the perfect creative utensils

7. Drawing Supplies

I like to buy a new notebook or coloring book right before vacation because the novelty will hold a kid’s interest. Magnetic drawing boards are also a great mess-free idea.

8. Books

For younger kids, pick books that are packed with content to prevent quick boredom. For instance, choose one with many pictures on a page rather than one large picture on a page. For older kids, chapter books are perfect. The non-driving parent can even read aloud, providing entertainment for everyone, including the driver.

9. Audio stories

Poke around online before you leave to find things like fiction, radio programs, or biographies. We’ve whiled away many hours in the car listening to hilarious Jungle Jam stories.

A great attitude

Having a great attitude on the road trip to Myrtle Beach can carry over to a positive mood during your vacation

10. A good attitude

The stressed and impatient mood of a parent can spread through the whole vehicle, so keep things positive and cheerful, and remain flexible and ready to roll with the challenges your children bring.

You’re going on vacation, after all, so try to relax.  Before you know it, you’ll be out of the car and you’ll have sand between your toes.

We’d love to hear what some of the items are on your must pack list!